Discover and track the UK's most ambitious companies

About Beauhurst

Beauhurst operates an online research platform providing rich information on the UK's high-growth companies.

Using a combination of intelligent analysis of thousands of online sources and expert research by our London-based team, we constantly look out for news, updates and activity on ambitious companies.

Beauhurst tracks thousands of the UK's most exciting start-ups, scale-ups and their investors.

Our data powers our online platform, used by hundreds of organisations around the UK to research and monitor UK high-growth businesses.

Follow us for our latest research, insights and reports on the state of the UK's high-growth economy.

Key info
Founded in:
Toby Austin
CEO and Founder

Toby is Co-Founder and CEO at Beauhurst. Toby created Beauhurst alongside his Co-Founder, Stephen Bence, to solve a problem: the difficulty of finding structured information on private high-growth companies and their backers.
Beauhurst is the solution to that problem.

Before co-founding Beauhurst in 2010, Toby co-founded several other web and consultancy companies.

He has an MA in Computer Science from Cambridge University.

Pedro Madeira
Head of Research

Pedro is Head of Research at Beauhurst, overseeing a team tracking investment into high-growth UK companies and monitoring trends around the country. He is an in-demand commentator on equity investment, crowdfunding and the fast-growth landscape.

Before joining Beauhurst in 2011, Pedro worked at The Mergermarket Group. He has a BA and MPhil in Philosophy from King’s College London and holds the IMC qualification from the CFA Society.

Jonathan Ross
Marketing Manager

Jonathan is Marketing Manager at Beauhurst. Jonathan and his team are responsible for setting and executing an integrated marketing and communications strategy, the chief aims of which are to increase lead generation & acquisition and brand recognition and retention.

Before joining Beauhurst in 2015, Jonathan was Marketing Manager at Portland, a leading communications agency. Jonathan has a BA in Music from Nottingham University.

Kevin Marsh
Lead Developer

Kevin is the Lead Developer at Beauhurst, overseeing a team of full-stack developers. He oversees the full cycle of product development and is an internal champion for quick-release cycles.

Before joining Beauhurst in 2013 Kevin worked as a developer at UK Fuels. He holds a BA in Communication and Business from Simon Fraser University in Canada.


We’re a data company and data is at the heart of everything we do. We want you to come and help us use data to plan better - to base more of our internal decision making on good, solid, structured, satisfying numbers. We want you to build models. Models that tell us just how big we’re going to be in a few years; models that tells us how many more people we need to employ; and models that tell us which product features we should build first.

We also want you to be a centre point for all things financial in the business - everything from invoicing and expenses to monitoring cash flow and investigating funding options.

You’ll work closely with our accountants to ensure the smooth running of monetary matters, and with key players around the business and to help shape strategic decision making.

So whether you’re several years into a career at an accountancy, bank, or consultancy and fed up of the corporate world and its long hours, or a fresh grad looking to make an impact in one of London’s hottest startups, this could be the perfect opportunity.


If you think you’d get a rush out of selling to key decision makers at some of the UK’s most exciting organisations then you should join our growing sales team. With clients in venture capital, private equity, and corporate finance firms, as well as universities, Government and, of course, high growth businesses, there really is never a dull moment.

From day one, your job will be to help grow our business. It’s a team effort - marketing, sales, and account management work together to get people excited about our offering and then it’s up to you to get them over the line - ensuring they get real value from us for a long time to come.

You’ll manage the sales process through from start to finish - generating leads, running demos both online and in person, and then closing deals - which the whole company will get to hear about. We’ll also make sure you never stop learning - about equity investment, accelerators, and the whole ecosystem of high growth companies in UK.

Account Management

Our Account Management team has built long-lasting relationships with some of the top businesses in the world. The result - satisfied users and incredibly high levels of value retention (over 95%).

As an Account Manager you’ll have heaps of responsibility from day one. Our goal as a team is to keep every subscriber happy, grow our relationships, and spot opportunities to renew or up-sell or provide other consultancy services. You’ll be at the heart of all of this.

You'll be in and out of the office getting to know our subscribers and will also be an integral part of product development - working with other teams at Beauhurst to make sure user feedback gets heard and our latest features are implemented.


Our graduate researchers start off with three core tasks: finding interesting ambitious companies, researching and creating profiles for these and keeping our investor profiles up-to-date.

New starters learn the ropes on all three and then after a few months start to specialise and join the relevant research team.

Whichever area you specialise in, you will be involved from time to time in other projects.

Whether that’s looking at new research areas, making our processes more efficient or conducting custom research for our clients, these projects will provide diversity and allow you to learn new skills.


Beauhurst is a specialist data provider of curated data on ambitious, high-growth UK companies, particularly those that have received investment. Our information is accessible through an online platform, which allows our clients to discover, monitor and learn about companies and hot topics in the startup and scaleup space.

Our clients include leading professional service firms, investors, universities and several government bodies.

Specifically our development team strives to build efficient and clever tools for both our research team to collect/process data and for our clients to analyse and reach business decisions based on the hidden relationships, trends and statistics we help them identify.

We're looking for a backend developer to help shape the underlying processes and structure our web product is built upon as well as building new tools to help monitor/report/automate everything we do.

Piano House, 9 Brighton Terrace, London, SW9 8DJ, United Kingdom